The First One

February 05, 2020

Aloha World, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. This will be the first of many posts I write outlining my journey as a Software Developer. While most topics I write about will be tech based, I have learned there is more to being a great developer than knowing a lot of tech stuff. So be warned, new and one day faithful reader, I could be writing about anything. Maybe even why I started a blog...

I recently applied for a developer position at Basecamp, and the biggest take away from spending two weeks to complete an application, is that I miss writing and I want to do more. I'm not talking about writing code, I already do a lot of that, what I mean is writing about writing code. I read blogs like this all the time and I have learned so much from them. So now it's time for me to pay that knowledge forward, start something new, and maybe even learn something! So sit back, strap on in, and let's start this ride. What's that Mario? Oh, right, "HERE WE GO!!!!!"

(Sorry, I know, so anticlimatic with this being the only post so far. But just wait till there are so many more, that line will sound so much cooler)

Great video I found during my research on Mario's "Here we go"